Lion Baby Shower Invitations

The lion is the king of the jungle, but when you look at these adorable little safari baby shower invitations it can be hard not to smile.

There are a lot of different safari themes to choose from, each one focusing on a specific animal. When you are looking for a popular options, however, the lion comes in number one. While designs like these elephant baby shower invitations offer a wise and caring touch to the design, the lion adds a regal touch to the card. This might be a message that you may want to convey for the celebration. On the other hand there are plenty of sweet little lions that are just asking to be cuddled. Out of all of the big cats the lion is the one that generates the most interest. Their is another cat which you may enjoy seeing featured in the safari themed collection.

While they offer different design features there are plenty of reasons why you might like sending leopard baby shower invitations. Lion themed cards come in a number of different styles though they tend to focus on the cuter aspects of this big cat. The leopard themed cards on the other hand give you an elegant means to invite your guests, and it is a spot of a different color all together.

Still, there are times that you may want to add a little monkey business to your party, these monkey baby shower invitations might be just what you're after.