Cute Vintage Princess Twins Baby Shower Invitations

  1. Start cutomizing it - see the updates in real-time as you design your invite
  2. Once you're happy with the design choose one of six high quality papers in nine colors
  3. Choose the quantity of baby shower invitations - don't forget your bulk discount
  4. Place your order - you're done
Invitation Info.
  1. Front and back, high quality full-color and full-bleed printing
  2. Each baby shower invitation comes with a white envelope - custom envelopes and other accessories are also available.

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Do you have your baby registry setup? They're a snap to create and you can include it on your invitations so your guests know what to bring to the celebration!

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About This Baby Shower Invitation

Twin Girls&#; elegant pink vintage princess baby shower invitations with a beautiful vintage illustration of a cute and two adorable baby girls with stylish pink Princess crowns, sweet bunny rabbit slippers, pink diapers with ruffles and pink bows in their hair on a pretty pink gradient background with a classy black polka dots pattern border and cute pink bows and diamonds images. Chic, trendy, glamorous, girly, fun, fashionable affordable personalized / personalised custom girl twins Baby Shower invites for your Princess theme / Princess themed showers. Two little Princesses are on their way! Decorated on both sides. Double sided printing. If you need any assistance customizing your product please contact me through my store and I will be happy to help. PLEASE NOTE:- All invitations on Zazzle have flat printed images. GROOVY GRAPHICS MOST POPULAR PRODUCTS FLASH PANEL View more personalized gifts from Zazzle.